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Access the world's most exclusive watches

At Zurichberg, we democratize the luxury watch market, offering you a path to co-own, access, and enjoy prestigious timepieces that were previously out of reach.

Own a part

Buy fractions of the world's most exclusive luxury watches starting from CHF 100.-

Buy out

Once invested, you automatically have the option to buy the entire watch, allowing for flexible ownership.


Pool money with your friends or like-minded individuals and share the joy of luxury watch ownership.

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Fractional Ownership

Start with a "Tick"

Start with as little as CHF 100.- and become a co-owner of watches that have historically been reserved for the Top 0.1%.

Zurichberg handles all aspects of the investment, from precurement to insured custody to the distribution of profits after the watch has been sold or bought out by another member.

We offer clear information on each watch's investment potential and tools to help you understand watches as an asset class.

Portfolio Management

Build your portfolio

Combine fractions of the world's most exclusive watches and build your diversified watch portfolio with ease.

Track market movements in real-time and analyze future value growth based on our research and KPIs.

If you desire to own one of the watches that you are invested in, you can simply execute the buyout option and get it delivered to you with insured global delivery, or pick it up in person at our office.

Collection Management

Upload your existing watches

Add watches you own to your portfolio and use our AI-driven tools for instant watch valuation and analysis of market trends to manage your watch collection more effectively.

Engage with other Zurichberg members and gain insider access to exclusive trading and buyout opportunities

Watch Exchange

Exchange watches with other Zurichberg members

Refresh your collection by trading watches you no longer wear. See what other members own and trade watches hassle-free on Zurichberg.

Zurichberg facilitates watch exchange by providing seamless operations, including watch valuation, authentication, transaction settlement and delivery.

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Watch Sharing

Share the joy with by joining the Zurichberg Club

Choose a smart way to access exclusive luxury watches by sharing the costs and rewards.

Pool money with friends or like-minded members, choose your co-ownership terms and we take care of everything else, including insurance, custody, as well as pickup and return.

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Financing & Insurance

Flexible decisions

Use our payment service to finance your watch buyout, offering flexible options that adapt to your lifestyle.

Upload your existing watches to our platform and insure them with some fingertips against theft, damage, and loss.

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Why co-own Luxury watches?

Access Privately Owned Watch Brands

The most influential watch brands such as Rolex, AP, and Patek Philippe are privately held companies, which you cannot access as an investor. We change that by enablying you fractional ownership of their most exclusive products.

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Stable Growth

Watch prices historically offer stable growth and are not as volatile as traditional assets like stocks. In the last 7 years, the luxury watch market outperformed the S&P 500 by 140%.

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High Liquidity

Unlike other alternative asset classes such as art, fine wines etc the secondary market for watches is highly liquid.

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Low Correlation

Watches are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes and thus serve for portfolio diversification. Also, they act as a hedge against inflation.

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How does it work

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Use your existing Google or LinkedIn account, or create an account using your e-mail adress.

Step 2

Complete your Profile

Onboard to Zurichberg by answering just a few basic details before unlocking your access – all in less than 2 minutes. Everything else is just as simple.

Step 3

Enjoy the Club

Discover our services such as fractional investments. Trade watches you do not wear anymore, co-own new treasures with your friends, and join a vibrant community of watch enthusiasts.

Every watch is authentified in-house

Find out how we leverage the knowledge of watch experts to meticulously authenticate each watch.

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