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Instant Valuations

Know the market value of your watches instantly with our cutting-edge valuation tools. Our system combines real-time market data with expert appraisals to give you accurate and reliable valuations.

Personal Portfolio

Keep track of your entire watch collection in one secure place. Our portfolio management tool lets you view, organize, and monitor your watches, ensuring you always have a comprehensive overview of your assets.

Seamless Trading

Flag watches for trading and explore exciting opportunities within our trusted community. Zurichberg’s platform ensures secure transactions, making it easy to buy, sell, or trade your watches with other enthusiasts.

How it works

Step 1

Upload Your Watches

Simply upload photos and details of your luxury watches to our platform. Our user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy to add all relevant information about your timepiece, including brand, model, and condition.

Step 2

Instant Valuation

Get accurate, real-time valuations of your watches within minutes. Using advanced algorithms and expert insights, Zurichberg provides precise market values, helping you understand the worth of your collection instantly.

Step 3

Manage and Trade

Save your watches in your personal portfolio, where you can organize and track each piece. Flag your watches for trading and connect with other Zurichberg users to explore exciting trading opportunities within our trusted community.

Keep track of your entire watch collection in one secure place.

Our AI-driven valuation uses advanced algorithms for accurate, real-time appraisals of every watch in your collection. Assess new acquisitions or evaluate existing pieces with insights that empower informed decisions.


How do I upload my watches?

Simply take clear photos of your watch and enter its details in our app. Our intuitive interface guides you through each step, making it quick and easy. The more data you provide us, the more narrow is the valuation range presented to you.

We are working on image recognition feature which will make it even more seamless in the future.

How long does the valuation take?

Normally you will receive an accurate valuation within seconds of uploading your watch, thanks to our advanced algorithms.

It the beginning, it might be that for certain watches, the valuation appears delayed as we are training the model

Is it really free?

Yes, our watch valuation and collection management tools are completely free to use.

How does trading work?

Flag your watch for trading, and other Zurichberg users can view and engage in trading opportunities with you. Our platform ensures secure and transparent transactions.

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