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The Zurichberg Promise

Our authentication process is designed to guarantee that every watch we handle is genuine. Our team of certified watchmakers employs a multi-step approach to verify the authenticity of each watch. From visual inspections to detailed movement examinations, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for the proof of authenticity.

Visual Inspection

Unique Identifiers

Weight Check

Lume and Glass

Bracelet / Clasp

Data Check

Reducing cost of trust in the luxury watch market

We use Blockchain technology to provide a immutable record for storing the most relevant asset data

Proof of Existence

We provide a proof of existence for every watch we offer, which is expecially important for the investment model where the asset is safely stored in a banks vault.

Proof of Authenticity

For every watch on the platform, we provide a proof of authenticity, based on our authentification process which is explained below in more detail.

Proof of Value

Every watch is digitally linked to our data model, providing you with real-time valuation data for the asset.

Proof of Ownership

Our technology allows for highly secure and transparent ownership, based on Blockchain technology.

Contact Us

If you have a watch you would like to have authenticated, don't hesitate to contact us. Please be aware that this will be a paid service and the pricing will depend on the specific case.

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