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A closer look into a skeletonized watch

Exposing all its complicated inner workings, skeletonized watches enable a captivating view on the craftsmanship and artwork inside a watch. This technique also opens up a vast realm of creative freedom for watchmakers, making these timepieces true wearable artworks and bringing transparency to the craft of Swiss watchmaking. By letting you...



Jewelry Watches Enchanting History Uncovered

These hand-crafted timepieces were made with an attention to detail that hardly exist today, combining the high-quality materials in shier superhuman precision in an effort to stand out as a highlight in even the most expensive wardrobe. Around 1541, John Calvin, the leader...



Louis Cartier - The Man Who Shaped Male Watch Fashion

Louis Cartier was a French entrepreneur and jeweler who is best known for his pioneering work in the field of wristwatches. Born in Paris in 1875, Cartier came from a family of jewelers and quickly gained a reputation for his...



Embracing the Essence of Sport Watches

If being active is an essential part of your lifestyle and makes you feel comfortable, your watch needs to be aligned. Our wide array includes a selection of dynamic vintage watches to merge with your movement, allowing the maximal comfort while being fashionable as...



5 Essential Watch Types for Beginners to Explore

1. Dress-Watches Dress watches are specifically designed to look great in formal clothing, frequently being very light and thin to fit under long sleeves and. They mostly lack complications besides simple features like the Date to remain subtle in just...



Jean-Adrien Philippe - A Pioneer's History

Jean-Adrien Philippe was a Swiss watchmaker who revolutionized the world of watchmaking with his invention of the keyless winding mechanism. Philippe was born in 1815 in La Brevine, Switzerland, and showed an early interest in the mechanics of timekeeping. He...



Iconic Watches and the Celebrities Who Made Them Famous

Watches have been a symbol of status and luxury for centuries. Over the years, many celebrities have been associated with specific watch brands and models, becoming almost as famous as the watches themselves. Here are a few examples of celebrities...



Gerald Genta revolutionized Watch Design

Gérald Genta was a Swiss watch designer who is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and creative minds in the history of watchmaking. Over the course of his career, Genta designed some of the most iconic and recognizable...



The Science Behind Luminova - How Watches Glow in the Dark

Luminova is a brand of photoluminescent pigment that is commonly used on the dials and hands of wristwatches. The pigment contains a substance called strontium aluminate, which absorbs light energy and then emits it in the form of visible light...


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