Patek Philippe 10 Days Grand Complication Platinum

Patek Philippe 10 Days Grand Complication Platinum

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Full-Set Neo-Vintage Grand Complication

Picked for you by Ennio

This watch was made in the 2000s

Brand: Patek Philippe
Model: 10 Days Grand Complication Platinum
Collection: Grand Complication
Reference: 5101P-010
Year: 2004
Scope of Delivery: Original Box with original Papers and digital Asset
Diameter: 27x52mm
Glass: Saphire Crystal
Case Material: Solid Platinum
Bezel Material: Diamond Set Solid Platinum
Case Back Material: Solid Platinum
Dial Color: Salmon
Features: Power-Reserve, Small-Second
Indexes: Print
Dial Handstyle: Feuille Hands
Movement Type: Manual Winding Movement
Caliber: 28-20/222
Base Caliber: 28-20
Power Reserve: 240h
Number of Stones: 29
Frequency: 21.600A/h
Strap Material: Patek Philippe Crocodile Leather
Clasp Type: Tang Buckle
Clasp Material: Solid Platinum

About the Watch

Today, double, even triple axis tourbillons are a common feature in the most intricate timepieces, alongside even more innovative horological innovations. However, in 2003, these mechanisms were virtually unknown. Despite the tourbillon's existence for over two centuries, it had fallen out of fashion with the transition from pocket watches to wristwatches. The reason for this shift is clear – the tourbillon primarily addresses minor balance issues that occur when a timepiece is in a horizontal position, akin to a pocket watch. Wristwatches, on the other hand, don't encounter this problem, which is why automatic movements became popular. The 5101P, based on the 5100, marked a groundbreaking moment for Patek Philippe. The existence of Patek Philippe owes itself to a profound human fascination with exquisite craftsmanship. In 2014, researchers at the University of Toronto conducted an eight-year study spanning seven countries and discovered that certain shapes, colors, sounds, and other stimuli stimulate the anterior temporal lobe in the brain, responsible for object perception and recognition. This stimulation, in turn, triggers the posterior cingulate cortex, responsible for generating feelings of satisfaction. As a species, we are biologically predisposed to appreciate such stimuli. With its 10 days of power reserve, the calibre 28-20/222 also features a tourbillon. Patek Philippe made a bold decision to integrate a tourbillon into the 5101P, reviving an outdated mechanism. Earning the "tourbillon" designation on the dial was no simple task. The calibre 28-20/222 started as the 28-20/220 three years earlier, offering a 10-day power reserve and being housed in the reference 5100, a watch with similar proportions. Given that the two power reserve barrels occupied most of the available space, significant structural modifications were needed to accommodate the tourbillon. First, the entire going train, responsible for power transmission from the source to the hands, was moved to the dial side of the movement to keep the tourbillon visible. Then, the tourbillon itself was developed, a component housing the escapement and rotating it once per minute to counter positional errors caused by imbalance. Surprisingly, the cage of the tourbillon consists of 72 parts but weighs only 0.3 grams, approximately the weight of a matchstick. The tourbillon is only visible through the watch's back, where it rotates once per minute.The true challenge lay in the area where Patek Philippe excels: finishing. Every one of those 72 tourbillon parts, along with the rest of the movement, including the concealed components, had to be meticulously finished by hand to an unmatched level of quality. The attention to detail in this watch's craftsmanship is remarkable. The golden chatons embracing the jewels, the polished screws, and the consistent Geneva stripes – all are executed to perfection. Yet, the true extent of the craftsmanship becomes evident under magnification. For instance, the two cylindrical sections of the tourbillon bridge are meticulously rounded by hand, a task that takes a skilled master watchmaker two full days to complete. It took only three years – a mere moment in the world of watchmaking – to bring about this transformation and create a handful of watches over its five-year production span. All this extraordinary work and landmark achievement are concealed beneath the watch's dial, with only a tiny "tourbillon" inscription as a subtle hint. If Patek Philippe were to release the 5101P today, it might not attract much attention. Its reserved Art Deco design would appear out of place at the forefront of horology, where experimental artisans like Greubel Forsey, Urwerk, and Richard Mille now dominate. However, in 2003, Greubel Forsey had yet to exist, and Urwerk and Richard Mille were in their early stages. The 5101P, with its platinum case, diamond-studded bezel, salmon-colored dial, and concealed complications, was a pinnacle of esoteric horology. The watch industry is often seen as a slow-moving domain, but looking back at this milestone, we can appreciate how far it has evolved.

About the Brand

When it comes to impeccable craftsmanship, pioneering designs and rich history of Genevan watchmaking inventions, there is none more qualified than that of Patek Philippe. The company began its legacy in the nineteenth century, founded by Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe and has a tradition of innovation that has been crowned by over one hundred patents. The brand is renowned for its hand-finished watches and skilled craftsman that ensure each and every timepiece is of the highest of standards.







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