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We enable hassle-free co-ownership of luxury watches

Offering a smart way to access exclusive luxury watches by sharing the costs and rewards

Invest Smarter

Access the most exclusive luxury watches on Zurichberg instead of waiting and spending money on things you do not need on the primary market.

Team Up

Pool money with friends or like-minded members, choose your co-ownership terms and we take care of everything else.


See what other groups and collectors own and trade watches hassle-free on Zurichberg.

Hassle-free Watch Sharing

Select your co-owners and define terms that suit everyone. Whether sharing a rare piece for enjoyment or investment, Zurichberg ensures seamless legal and logistical support to enable hassle-free co-ownership.

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What are the benefits of co-owning a luxury watch?

Co-owning allows you to acquire shares in higher-value watches at a fraction of the cost. It also diversifies your holdings, reduces individual financial commitment, and offers the joy of sharing prestigious watches without bearing the full expense.

Can I wear the watch I co-own?

Co-owners can agree on terms that include wearing the watch. Our platform facilitates these agreements, ensuring that all parties are clear about usage rights and responsibilities.

Can I invite friends to join Zurichberg and invest together?


What happens if I damage the watch I co-own?

Damages except normal wear and tear are covered by the insurance included in the offering

and if the watch gets stolen?

Theft is covered by the insurance included in the offering

How it works

Step 1

Apply for our co-ownership model

To ensure the integrity of our community, we will ask you some questions related to your motivation to join the Investment Club. Additionally, we might make some background checks to ensure a safe and fun environment for Club members.

Step 2

Get your friends on board

The best way to join the Club is if you apply as a group. We will also provide matchmaking at the Zurichberg Club events, where you can get to know other members, if none of your friends is interested to join with you.

Step 3

Pool Money

Once your team is setup, you can fund your joint account and from there, invest in the world's most exclusive timepieces on our platform.

Step 4

Define the Usage Rights

For each watch, you can define the Usage rights, i.e. if you want to wear it, and how many days per year.

We provide you with a projection balancing the depreciation effect due to asset usage with the estimated value growth.

Major damages, losses, or thefts are fully insured with our insurance partner.


Welcome to the Club

Simply book your appointment to pick-up and return your watch, and we welcome you with a coffee and a chat in our atelier.

Engage with other Club members, share insights, and trade watches. And of course, join us on our Club events for exclusive access and networking.


Have questions about luxury watch co-ownership? You're not alone. Here, we answer your most common queries to help clarify how you can start owning part of a luxury watch with ease.

Are there any additional costs involved in fractional ownership?

No, for the fractional ownership model all costs and ongoing fees for insurance and secure storage of the watches are included in the transaction fee when buying the fraction.

How do I track the value of my watch portfolio?

Our platform offers real-time analytics and valuation tools that allow you to monitor the value of your watch fractions and manage your portfolio effectively.

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